Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easy Mini Loom

My kids are really into anything with string, so we're working on weaving. Here are some simple directions for an Easy Mini Loom for kids. 

You'll need some scrap yarn, white string, a ruler, scissors, marker, tape and a 6x6 inch piece of cardboard.
Make small lines every half inch on the top and bottom of your card board square.
           Cut small tabs along the lines. About half an inch long.
Tape a small piece of the white string to the back of your cardboard square and guide the rest in between the 1st and 2nd tab. 
Guide the string in between the remaining tabs, till your front and back have sting all the way down. 
             Your front and back should now look like this. 
Tape the end of the white string in the back of your cardboard square. Tape the end of your coloured string to the back and run it under the 1st white string. Then run it over the 2nd string, under the 3rd, over the 4th etc, all the way to the right edge.
At the right edge, guide your coloured string back towards the left side. Now you're weaving. 
Weave coloured string back and forth as much as you want, adding different colours for a striped effect.  (keep the ends on one side)
                                Weave all the way to the top.
Tie off side bits of string and trim them. Then cut the white strings at the back of your cardboard square, in the middle, so you have enough string to easily tie them off. Then trim. 
This is what ours turned out like. A bit wobbly, but still cute. 
Either way, my son loves his. And he decided to use it as a coaster for his hot chocolate right away. : )

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