Monday, July 29, 2013

Days like these

Waking up to the sound of children singing.
 Nowhere that we have to be.
 Banana, chocolate chip pancakes and some lovely tea.
 Cuddles on the couch.
 Wearing pajamas till 9:00.
 Life is good when you have lots of time. 
(I'm no poet, but I like the feeling of this one)
We had a bit of a slow morning today. I even got to crochet some dishcloths during breakfast. They go along well with cookies, various butters and crafts that we make as Christmas presents. Yes, I know Christmas is 5 months away, but if I get started now, I'll have more time for other holiday activities with the kids. 
A very funny game of chess. I'm just a beginner. Ben knows a bit more about chess, be he gets so distracted! We'll just keep on practicing. It takes him a long time to make a move, so I usually work on some knitting or crochet. (check out the lovely red play silk)
Here's Gabs, amidst our play silk nest, colouring in her fairy colouring book. Just give her paper and crayons, and she's set for hours. 
And here's the view from our blankets, looking up. Makes me want to take a nap. : )

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