Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brisk Risk, anyone?

Sure, we'd love a Brisk game of Risk on a Sunday morning! Some times, we get really goofy and throw all rules out the window. Like a few days ago, when we decided to play Risk first thing in the morning. Pajamas and all. I think Gabs was still finishing up her breakfast while setting up her pieces.
I've never actually played Risk, so it was a first for the kids and I. They loved fighting against us. But in the end, we all decided to share one of the continents. It seemed fair that way to the kids.
 It was great to have a day where all of us were home and we didn't have to be anywhere. 
I love this picture! Gabs is playing with a super old calculator and Ben is playing with Grandma's super old type writer. They spent an hour writing messages to each other. I'm so glad we don't do "screen time". I think they appreciate things that work slower, because of that. 

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