Friday, August 9, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

Sometimes, on rainy days we make cookies, play games, do some puzzles or even watch a movie. But today, it was raining like crazy. I simply had to take the kids out in it. We still worked on our puzzle and played some games. So by the time we went out it was only raining a little bit. 
Maybe next time we'll just wear swim suits. Even with our umbrellas, we still got pretty wet. 
One of the "good" things about living on our street, is that the sidewalk has lots of dips. Hence all the huge puddles. 
Gabs went through some pretty deep puddles. She came home with about a cup of muddy water in each boot. No, the boots are not leaky. She was splashing so hard, the water came in from the top.
My little butterball loves his see-through umbrella. It kept him dry from the rain. It didn't work so well against all the puddle splashing, though. 
Good thing I had some towels right on the porch when we got home. The little stinkers had to peel off all their clothes they were so wet. 

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