Monday, March 19, 2012


It is way too early for green things to be popping out of the ground, but still, it's nice to see sunshine and new life. 

        Some tulips, I think, are already in my garden. And it's not even April.

Some green onions....or maybe it's garlic. I can't remember where I planted them in the fall.

My little goose was determined to put these little primroses in the ground. I hope we don't get any last snow storms.

                          A view from my lawn chair, looking straight up.

                        Even some green grass over by the base of the tree.

My little boy has now moved on to a bigger shovel. It's a size 3, as opposed to the size 1 his little sister now uses. I thought I'd set him right to work getting the garden ready for seedlings.

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