Monday, April 2, 2012

Nesting Dolls

I love nesting dolls! One of my favourite toys as a child was a set of Polish nesting dolls.  So maybe I didn't have any Polly Pockets, Barbies or My Little Ponies but I did have nesting dolls. And I loved playing with them. There's always a "Mama" doll and all the smaller ones fit right inside it. And on the very inside is the "baby" doll. Which is super cute and usually only about 1cm tall. 

This set has only 5 dolls but they have some amazing hand painted flowers on them. 
                       This set has 6 dolls...look how tiny the "baby" one is!
The fun thing about playing with nesting dolls, is that they are very portable and small. You can easily pack them in a bag and when you get to your destination, pop them open and... TA DA, all of a sudden you have a whole family of dolls to play with. These 2 sets are actually from Poland, but I'm looking for a set for my kids to play with. I've heard you can buy unpainted sets here in the U.S. and paint them however you want. Hmmm...I sense a project coming up. 

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