Monday, April 30, 2012

On a walk

I love going on random walks with my kids. A few days ago, Ben and I had a nice little walk around Park Avenue. And we just "happened" to stop at a chocolate store. : )
Stever's has some of the cutest chocolates I've ever seen. I took us 30 minutes just to look at everything and then we had to decide which ones we wanted to bring home. 
They have some chocolate frogs, too. Kind of like the ones in the Harry Potter books. We munched on some of those when we got home, while reading "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." 
Here's just some of our got much smaller before we even got home. 
Also, while on our walk, we stopped by a cafe...with a decorative bike on the wall. I'm not sure why they chose a bike, but Ben loved looking at it. 
We saw this dress made of newspaper through one of the shop windows. Pretty neat. 
And of course, we had to stop at the bakery, too. Lucky for us, we were just in time to see the men kneading the dough. Gotta love those people. They make the best bread!
Here's my Ben, looking through the bakery window at the bakers kneading the dough. 
I love our city! So many wonderful things to see...and eat!

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