Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Leg Warmers

One of the many knitting projects I'm working on is a pair of Leg Warmers for my little Gabs. I love the way the yarn just makes little stripes and patterns all on it's own. No need to switch yarn at any point, just one skein the whole way around.
 Here I'm using Red Heart yarn with Aloe, so it's super soft and feels very nice in my hands.
I like to save money when I can. Which is why I buy most of my yarn with a coupon or on clearance. Sometimes, there is just one skein left of that type of yarn. That's fine with me. And apparently it's fine with my kids, too.
 This is what Gabby's finished set of Leg Warmers looks like. Yes, they are different, but at least they have similar colours. I made them longer than I usually would for a child, but she likes to have them cover her whole legs. In the fall and winter, she wears skirts and dresses and her little legs are nice and warm. And if she gets a little too warm from running around, she can easily slide them down to her ankles.
This is the first Leg Warmer I was working on for Ben. He chose some nice ocean colours.
And this is what they look like as a pair. I made them super wide and a bit shorter. Ben wanted to be able to tuck his pants into them in the winter. They worked our really well. The kids would often complain about freezing ankles while in the car. Even if they wear their winter boots, when they sit in their booster seats, the pants ride up and boots slide down. So now they're all set with their super cozy Leg Warmers. : )

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