Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The other day, I walked downstairs to the wonderful smell of homemade bread. How awesome is that? Once in a while, Brian (the hubby) gets a craving and goes absolutely nuts in the kitchen. I stay clear out of his way because he really is a mad man when he gets going in there. So he was craving bread. But not any bread...herbed-Parmesan-pizza-bread. I think that's what we decided to call them in the end. I suppose we could have called them Bread Pretzels, but they tasted nothing like pretzels. 
I'll add the recipe, when Brian makes one. He kind of just tosses things together without paying much attention to measurements, and wonderful things come out of it.  I know he put oregano, Parmesan cheese and bits of pepperoni in the dough and it was soooo yummy. 
(Recipe coming soon)

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