Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4th

While out and about with the kids, I noticed a bird nest in our front lights. Turns out it's a Robin's nest. So, of course I tried to climb up as high as I could on a tipsy chair on our porch, to get a good picture. 
 Here's a close up. You can actually see the little blue eggs. I really hope the squirrels don't get it this year. Those furry rats! They figured out a way to reach the nest and knocked the whole thing down. I'm trying to see if I can block the nest off somehow. I think the squirrels reached it from our gutter.  
 But I don't want to disturb the Mama Robin. I really didn't get too close to the nest while taking these pictures, I just used my zoom. But she was freaking out, chirping and hopping all around the yard till I went back in the house. What a good Mama. Here she is, catching some big juicy worms in our rain soaked yard. 
 One of my new projects I'm working on...a giant crochet rug. Yep. I'm crazy. I'm using a 3.5mm hook and regular cotton yarn. I usually use this yarn for dish cloths. I'm about 1/20 done. LOL. This is going to take for EVER. I'll be making it in pieces and then sewing them together by hand. Each piece will be about 1 foot wide and  4 feet long. I think I'll have 5 pieces in the end. So far so good. 
I bought myself a book. Which is odd. I never buy books if I can just get them at the library for free. See, but this is sort of a journal. And you can't really use those over and over. So I really HAD to buy it. I've been trying to start a journal for a while. But it's just to overwhelming...all those empty pages. So I got this..."This Is Not A Book". And it's so much fun! It's like an activity book for adults. Teehee. I guess it's supposed to help you start off a journal. I've brainstormed quite few good ideas in it so far. : )

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