Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Backyard Crafting

Since it was such a lovely day, I felt we really needed to be outside. But the kids were having a great time playing INSIDE. I didn't want to be a party-pooper, so I gathered up a bunch of crafty supplies and some cozy blankets and we headed outside. And the kids loved it!
 Ben was very happy, crafting mini booklets and sticking stuff together. He was so excited to be using "the good stuff"... my pricey punchers and stack of colourful card stock. The best part...the convenience of having the compost close by, so that he could dump his pencil sharpener shavings right in.
 Hmmmm, Christmas in July? Gabs has a thing for Christmas wrapping paper and stickers. Which is funny, because we don't use wrapping paper. One way or another, it just makes it's way over to our house. And we have Great Grandma to thank for the Christmas stickers. She saves them all by the bunches, just for Gabs.
Well that worked! One hour of crafting and the kids were ready to move on to something else....like WEEDING! Of all things! I couldn't have been happier. There I was, peacefully crafting, in the shade of our tree on a comfy blanket, while the kids weeded the garden beds for me. Total parenting score. Here I'm working on a mini booklet about our back yard and garden. Pictures to follow soon. 

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