Saturday, July 20, 2013

Winter Wool Socks

I've been working on socks. Lots and lots of socks. It seems I've been able to memorize the pattern so why not just keep going. I don't need to carry a book or a sheet with a pattern with me anymore. Just the yarn and needles. It's a small project so I can carry it around anywhere I go. Doctor's appointments, various sports activities, church, family gatherings, picnics, road trips, etc. 
There is a really easy pattern for socks in "Charmed Knits" by Allison Hansel. (Barnes and Noble $10.48) That's the one I've been using over and over. 
I've even been able to adjust the pattern a little to make a smaller version for each of my kids. 

    Here is a pair I made for Gabs about a year ago, but now that she's grown I made her a bigger pair. 

    And here is the new pair. A little bigger so there is room for little feet to grow, but still very colourful and full of stripes. I think they'll really come in handy on those cold winter days when we're outside for hours building a snow fort. I always get a little nervous about about frozen toes, so now we're all set. : )

Here is the pair I made for Ben. It's great how knit socks are a bit stretchy so they'll fit the kids for a while. I used the same ball of yarn for these two socks but they look different. This kid keeps getting taller and taller. And his feet are getting longer and longer. I think the next pair I make for him will have to be a small adult size. 

Here's a pair I made for myself. So comfy! They're a bit fuzzy in the picture cuz I've been wearing them all winter. I also started making socks out of left over yarn. They look a little mixed up but still nice. I'll post a pic of those soon. 

I'm still working on a pair for the hubs. Finally, he let me make him something. I think he's afraid I'll spend months working on something and then he won't like it and hurt my feelings by not wearing it. Silly man. Doesn't he know I'll make him wear it even if he doesn't like it. : )  I guess that's why he went with socks. LOL

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