Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The elf on the shelf

During the weeks before Christmas we were visited by an elf. Not just any elf, but an "elf on the shelf". 
We bought a book at Barnes and Noble about the elf, and somehow that transaction must have notified Santa that we would like an elf as a visitor in our house. Well, he came. He first appeared on a high shelf, probably so Miss Whiskers (the cat) wouldn't try to chase him. But soon, we would find him in all sorts of places. The kids loved waking up early in the morning, to be the first ones to find him. Here are some of the pictures. 
 Little stinker, busted into my stash of mini marshmallows and had a ball playing with them.
                                                             Just chillin' with the ladies.
 Just 3 days into December and he opened ALL the little windows! The kids were a little mad at him for that, but mostly they just laughed at him. He was a bit messy. Can you see the crumbs?
                                                             A musical little fellow.
                               I'm just glad he didn't slip any of my stitches. He looks quite cozy.
                                              Toilet paper? Now really, was that necessary?
 We caught him red-handed this time! He was doodling on our framed pictures with a dry-erase marker. Can you see the glasses and beaded necklace in the picture?  
                                                      Well at least he snacks healthy.
                  It took us a while to find him this time. I don't know how he stayed there ALL day.
                      Not bad. Looks like he was actually putting our laundry in the laundry shoot.
 And then there's THIS! We found him in the bathroom. He made himself a little zip line out of dental floss and my hair rollers.
 Oh, poor little guy was sick with a cold. He managed to make himself a cozy bed out of Papa's slipper.
King of the  castle, indeed. 
 Just playing with Brian's old toys. 
 A little night-time snack. 
 Silly elf, got tangled up in Gabby's lacing cards. 
 Keeping himself occupied through the night. Check out his judo belt and glasses!
 Getting creative with paper snowflakes. 
 Gone fishing. 
We're glad he stayed all the way till Christmas Day. I wonder where we'll find him next year?

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